[arch-general] Systemd with encrypted Btrfs

Aurko Roy roy.aurko at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 04:58:30 EDT 2012

Hello all,
             After all the intense discussions about systemd I decided
to try it out and see for myself. I tried it out on my desktop and was
quite impressed by it - it was much faster than the earlier
initscript. Further when I would background a daemon (say the network
daemon) in rc.conf, I would have to wait for a while even after I
logged in for the network to start, whereas in systemd I find the
necessary daemons have already started by the time I login. However I
ran into a couple of problems running it on my laptop:

1. I have an encrypted swap that randomly generates a new passphrase
everytime I reboot, but systemd asks me for a  passphrase every time I
boot. On pressing enter or entering any random characters it proceeds
normally.  This is more of an annoyance than a real problem.

2. I have an encrypted btrfs partition which it unlocks normally, but
while trying to mount says:
"fsck: fsck.btrfs: not found
fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.btrfs for /dev/mapper/myvolume" and
this stops the whole boot process. I have to disable that partition on
fstab to get systemd to boot properly. Once the boot process is
complete, I can see that the decryption has proceeded normally (from
systemctl -a) and can remount it normally in a manual fashion. I
initially thought that creating fsck.btrfs as a symlink to btrfsck
might do the job, but that doesn't work either.

Does anybody have any experience successfully mounting (encrypted or
not) btrfs partitions using systemd?


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