[arch-general] cups 1.6 translations need some help

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 24 10:58:56 EDT 2012

Cups 1.6 will be shipped almost without any translation if things won't
improve! If you want to help out don't hesitate.

Call for help: http://www.cups.org/articles.php?L676


From the cups-dev list Michael Sweet:

The localizations were hopelessly out-of-date. We've already received
one updated translation that will get rolled into 1.6rc1, and are
hoping for more.

As always, localization of CUPS is a volunteer effort...


Once we hit beta it is unusual for strings to change. The translation
process is documented here:


As for schedule, the earliest we will release 1.6.0 is in about 4 weeks
(minimum time from beta to final allowed by our development process),
but we can continue adding new localizations in 1.6.x releases as

Translators do not need to sign the contributors agreement but the
translations do need to reference the standard CUPS license (part of
the template file). Apple doesn't actually ship the translations in OS

I'll be posting an announcement to this effect on the cups.org home
page sometime soon.,,
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