[arch-general] My end-user $0.02 on /etc/rc.conf splitting.

Oliver Kraitschy okraits at arcor.de
Wed Jul 25 07:05:39 EDT 2012

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:14:57AM +0200, Heiko Baums wrote:

> I used Windoze long enough. And I had to reinstall it every 3 months,
> and I know a lot of people who also had to do it this often. Since
> Windoze XP it was maybe not every 3 months anymore, but still often
> enough.

> I am realistic and professional, because I speak from experience, like
> I said before more than 25 years. Windoze is completely bad. Otherwise
> I wouldn't get fits of raving madness every time I have to work with
> this crap, which is fortunately not too often anymore.

I don't want to talk about Windows any longer because it is OT. I just wanted to correct some clearly wrong statements of you.
Maybe you should reconsider your Windows administration skills if you need to reinstall every 3 months.

> > BTW: pacman.conf is written in an ini-style as well.
> Not really.

Core syntax:


Why is that not ini-style?



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