[arch-general] How do I should install and configure arch linux

brainworker at lavabit.com brainworker at lavabit.com
Wed Jul 25 15:22:43 EDT 2012

Hello, folks

Due to recent changes in arch linux, I have some qustion about new process
of installation and configuration of arch linux.

I am really not computer geek, so I apologize if I express anything

First. About absence of core images. When I just read about it, I thought
why they did it. But then I realize that arch is rolling release system
after all. This fact means periodical and quite frequent updates, which
are impossible without Internet connection. So if you would like to
install Linux on computer without Internet, choose OS with fixed release
cycle - all the system packages (as well as applications) will be on that
distribution. So I am glad that now there is one universal iso-image
instead of six.

Second. About absence of AIF. I really sorry about it. As I said I am not
so geeky to install everything with closed eyes. AIF helped me a lot. It
gives me tips what to do next and how to do it. Now, when burned CD
finished loading, I just see prompt to enter commands and nothing else.
But I just do not know what to do next. So if I do not have installation
guide previously printed on paper, I just become consused what to do next.
So, I really hope that to the moment when next iso snapshot will be
released, AIF will be fixed and included in that release.

But for the present I would like at least to have installation guide
included in installation iso (with a note where this guide resides) in
order to switch to it during installation.

Third. About systemd. As I understand from installation guide on Wiki all
the configuration now is made not in rc.conf but in several config files.
I do not know yet whether it is good or bad. But in Wiki I can read the

1) instead of NETWORKING section I should specify hostname in
/etc/hostname and /etc/hosts. Why should I duplicate information? The
danger of need to duplicate information is that it have to be

2) instead of LOCALIZATION section I should specify locale in
/etc/locale.conf and /etc/locale.gen. Again why should I duplicate

3) instead of LOCALIZATION section I should specify timezone in
/etc/timezone and /etc/localtime. And again the same question. Why?

Besides, where should I specify my network connection settings? In what
systemd-specific file? As I understand in ... rc.conf. And what about
daemons? Where to specify them? Again in rc.conf?

And now the main question. If new plan of reorganization of configuration
files can not manage without rc.conf, why there is so need to split it?

I hope you can make it clear, guys.

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