[arch-general] How do I should install and configure arch linux

Kacper Żuk kacper.b.zuk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:52:19 EDT 2012

W dniu 25.07.2012 21:49, brainworker at lavabit.com pisze:
>>> And now the main question. If new plan of reorganization of
>>> configuration
>>> files can not manage without rc.conf, why there is so need to split it?
>> rc.conf should now only contain what is necessary to configure the
>> initscripts. See arch-dev-public for details.
> So systemd is instead of initscripts? or two technogolies together?

systemd is an optional replacement for initscripts. If you want, you can 
install and configure it, but you also keep it the old way :). You'll 
get initscripts by default.

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