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Jayesh Badwaik jayesh.badwaik90 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 02:53:29 EDT 2012

On Thursday 26 Jul 2012 05:13:39 Damjan wrote:
> > If everything is to end up in /usr, then I'd argue that this makes 
> > superfluous. If merging is to be done, then IMO things should be 
moved out
> > of /usr, not moved in.
> well no
> the point is to have a single top-level directory for a single 
> so distribution provided files will go to /usr, local-system 
> configuration in /etc, /run is for runtime state, /var is the 
> local-system state (the non-ephemeral state).
> Let me paste this here:
> »
> The merged directory /usr, containing almost the entire vendor-
> operating system resources, offers us a number of new features 
> OS snapshotting and options for enterprise environments for network 
> sharing or running multiple guests on one host. Most of this is much 
> harder to accomplish, or even impossible, with the current arbitrary 
> split of tools across multiple directories.
> With all vendor-supplied OS resources in a single directory /usr they 
> may be shared atomically, snapshots of them become atomic, and the file 
> system may be made read-only as a single unit.
> «
> Well, /opt would have to go soon, too

Why will /opt have to go? 
I always though /opt was for installing custom software which you do not 
want to mix with other software (for example I have MATLAB and similar 
stuff installed there with each of them in its separate folder) and I 
guess, that is the one and only use of /opt and there is no other 
directory which does something similar, except for if you are talking 
about /local but then, /local has the purpose of being /local, it can be 
vendor- supplied local program which are specific to the machine and it 
will have /bin /etc /lib and stuff? 

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