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Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Thu Jul 26 05:48:41 EDT 2012

Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 2012-07-26 at 14:18 +0530, Jayesh Badwaik wrote:
> > > Well, then:
> > > 
> > >     /opt -> /usr/opt
> > > 
> > > And everyone will be happy :)
> > 
> > No, I guess not, /usr is for vendor-supplied stuff. /opt is for personal 
> > stuff.  That is the conflict. 
> I need to go back to the future, sorry, back to the past
> /media/maverick/usr/local/bin ...
> "Personal" stuff was in /usr/local ;).

/usr/local was abandoned in 1987 already.....

In former times all non-admin binaries have ben in /bin.

Then /usr/bin was created (world writable) for personal binaries of general 
interest. Steve Bourne soon discovered that these binaries have been of low 
quality and wrote a cron script that checked each day whether the documentation 
was as recent as the binaries and otherwise removed the new binaries. This is 
why we have usable documentaion on UNIX.

Later /usr/bin was hijacked by the system and people created /usr/local.....

In 1987, all UNIX vendors decided that /usr/local is not useful as it causes 
more problems (from e.g. name space clashes) than it solves and /usr/local was 
abbandoned in favor of /opt/<packet>/bin.


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