[arch-general] lib -> usr/lib

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 05:28:53 EDT 2012

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> The merged directory /usr, containing almost the entire vendor-supplied 
> operating system resources, offers us a number of new features regarding 
> OS snapshotting and options for enterprise environments for network 
> sharing or running multiple guests on one host. Most of this is much 
> harder to accomplish, or even impossible, with the current arbitrary 
> split of tools across multiple directories.
> With all vendor-supplied OS resources in a single directory /usr they 
> may be shared atomically, snapshots of them become atomic, and the file 
> system may be made read-only as a single unit.
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hmmm, I think I've brought this up before and forgotten the response,
something along the lines of they are not static anymore anyway. They
are atleast majoratively on OpenBSD.

I believe /bin, /sbin aka the root, etc. traditionally contained
static binaries so you would have a highly reliable working core system
with just say a 50 Mb / partition that you could easily hack and
restore and rarely remount for example.

I welcome the read-only root though and I haven't looked and forget
some of the complexities at play.


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