[arch-general] Problems with mouse and keyboard on X

Sebastian Beßler webmaster at darkmetatron.de
Fri Jul 27 04:31:51 EDT 2012


I am new to archlinux, coming from gentoo, and have successful installed 
the system so far.

Now I have the problem that when I start X by using startx or startxfce4 
(I have only tried this two) I have no keyboard or mouse. I can solve 
the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting mouse and keyboard. After 
that everything works fine until I restart my computer.

To rule out problems with access rights I even used startx as root, but 
the same problem exisits.

I suspect that something is wrong with udev (as I use evdev for mouse 
and keyboard) but so far I am not able to locate it.

Has anyone some idea or lead for me?


Sebastian Beßler

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