[arch-general] talking arch disk and instructions were both outdated here

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sat Jul 28 12:18:31 EDT 2012

Am 28.07.2012 17:52, schrieb Jude DaShiell:
> I'll have to download a newer copy of the talking arch disk among other 
> things that takes account of pacstrap and uses the arch scripts rather 
> than the framework to install archlinux.  The braille instructions I made 
> are also outdated so I'll fix that after some reading.  Earlier this 
> morning I got through the partitioning and formatting of a hard drive and 
> since the material I have on archlinux on this end is that outdated, I 
> decided to install debian on the large hard drive only archlinux could 
> install on earlier.  Debian would always thrash the disk before.  This 
> time no disk thrashing.  Apparently use of archlinux to give debian some 
> clues worked.  I'll put archlinux on some of my smaller drives in the 
> future when I figure out how to do that now that the talking archlinux I 
> have no longer finds grub to install it.

Chris Brannon just released a new iso of the talking arch system:



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