[arch-general] Playback sequence in Amarok-2.5.0-2 gone crazy

Jayesh Badwaik jayesh.badwaik90 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 02:36:30 EDT 2012


I just updated my system and amarok moved from 2.5.0-2 to 2.5.0-5. The 
net upgrade size was surprizing at -50 MB for this single package.  

Now, I am observing that the playback is completely illogical. I queued 
some tracks and amarok does not seem to follow any kind of queue. It 
plays songs at random, while still displaying the queued songs. 

In even normal playback (random tracks is the one enabled on my config), 
the track being played has no relation to the track being displayed. The 
currently played track does not even appear in three to four positions 
in even backward of previous track. 

The only time the song being displayed is the one being played is when I 
manually start the song. After that, too many times, the playlist 
advances in display, but that same song keeps playing over and over 
again. I tried installing 2.5.0-2 back, but it would not play due to it 
requiring libavformat.so.53 which is now on my computer at 54 version 
and similar other files. 

I am trying to access Arch Rollback Machine right now to try 2.5.0-4 and 
will get back to you about what happens with it. 

Cheers and Regards
Jayesh Badwaik
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