[arch-general] Suspend to ram and uresume hook for systemd

Myra Nelson myra.nelson at hughes.net
Mon Jul 30 03:08:15 EDT 2012

Since I'm still wading my way through some of the intricacies (read
small details) and in view of the recent discussion on libcrypt,
keysize, key values, and systemd;

I've been using uswsusp-git from the aur and s2ram -f for my suspend
command. /etc/suspend.conf has /dev/snapshot and /dev/sda4 (swap) for
the image. Suspension and reboot have been working fine. After
rebuilding my initramfs image with the uresume hook, when I tried to
reboot today the boot process hung at waiting for libgcrypt. In my
infinite wisdom, after testing the suspend and reboot several times
before using the uresume hook, I had uresume in both images. I don't
use encrypted volumes and never have. I chrooted in and rebuilt the
initramfs image without the uresume hook, rebooted, and everything
worked great.

I tried using systemctl suspend from the wiki article. The machine
goes down but won't come back up without a complete restart, fsck
volumes that were not cleanly unmounted, etc. Since this is a desktop,
I really don't need the suspend option, it's just nice to save a
little electricity.

The systemctl shutdown and sytemctl reboot work great. I admit to not
having done a lot of research but based on the recent discussions and
changes with systemd, does anyone know what caused this hiccup?


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