[arch-general] BTRFS USB key fails to boot

Δημήτρης Ζέρβας 01ttouch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 18:15:34 EDT 2012

:-) nothing more to say (well the real challenge it to also have your hands
tied on your back :-P )

um, well, grub in my opinion is pretty unstable...
it's like a woman you never know! I always try to install grub in my arch
installations, but sometimes it "just fails"! so, syslinux could be an
option too... does it support btrfs at all?
can you send us the photo?
On Aug 1, 2012 1:07 AM, "Kyle" <kyle at gmx.ca> wrote:

> According to "Δημήτρης Ζέρβας":
> #PS: WOW man, how can you even install Arch by being visually
> #impaired???
> #You must be GENIUS!!!!
> Lol I use Chris Brannon's Talking Arch install media.
> http://the-brannons.com/tarch
> I stand on the shoulders of giants. :)
>  #PS2: I'm not trying to say ANYTHING bad about you and I'm sorry, if I
> #offended you, I just think that it's very difficult...
> No more difficult than it is for anyone else. I have speech using Speakup
> and the eSpeak speech synthesizer as soon as the install media boots. If I
> get this thing to the point where I can install a desktop environment,
> likely either GNOME or LXDE, I'll be able to get speech using the same
> eSpeak speech synthesizer and a screen reader called Orca. No, I'm not
> offended at all, and I am actually trying to let the world know just how
> easy it can be to install a Linux system without eyes. In this case,
> questions are a good thing(tm). Hope this helps.
> I'll try this install with a 100MB ext2 /boot, although GRUB isn't
> supposed to need this extra partition. Maybe I found a bug in GRUB's BTRFS
> module.
> ~Kyle
> --
> Kyle is a droid.
> The whole world knows it.
> This e-mail shows it.

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