[arch-general] BTRFS USB key fails to boot

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Tue Jul 31 19:06:17 EDT 2012

According to Tom Gundersen:
#On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 12:32 AM, Δημήτρης Ζέρβας <01ttouch at gmail.com>
#> why isn't it necessary? is it loaded by default? because udev isn't
#> running...
#btrfs, like all the other fs modules, should be loaded on-demand when
#"mount" is called.

Additionally, both GRUB and syslinux, according to the documentation, support finding a bootable kernel and initrd image that are stored on a BTRFS filesystem. The only potential problem I read about had to do with using a /boot subvolume, but I wasn't creating any subvolumes at the point where I was installing the bootloader. I was planning to create a subvolume for /home, but this shouldn't have caused a problem with either bootloader, and it wasn't even created yet anyway.
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