[arch-general] QtCreator help font problem

GSC xgdgsc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 00:53:58 EDT 2012

I noticed in the help section of qtcreator ( version 2.5 installed from
repo), the font size is small for me , as usual I tried key combination
like(ctrl + +,ctrl+mouse wheel), but doesn't work properly, only the titles
get zoomed in.  And I changed setting in the options->help->font , also
only titles zoomed in.

The first page of help section of qtcreator can be zoomed in/out  properly.
But in many other pages (like QStyle page) only the title can be zoomed
The qtcreator (2.4.1) installed from the official website qtsdk*.run
installer doesn't have this problem.

Anyone experiencing the same? Should I open a bug report?

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