[arch-general] systemd

solsTiCe d'Hiver solstice.dhiver at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 18:56:10 EDT 2012

since the recent news, I have decided to give a try to systemd.

I am following the wiki page about it

Sorry for the newbie question but,
are /etc/hostname, /etc/vconsole.conf, /etc/timezone, /etc/locale.conf
not in the systemd package ?
I know they are very specific to my system but so is rc.conf but it is
nonetheless part of initscripts

Also, I vaguely remember that service are symlinked
in /etc/systemd/.../something from /usr/lib/systemd/something.
This step is not even mentionned in the wiki page

In fact, I am looking at a tutorial to configure my system with systemd
and all the service/daemon I already use.
I don't even talk about lvm/cryptsetup stuff...

So, how do you guys have done this ? I don't mind if you tell me to RTFM
but where is the manual ?

I need to read some doc. to understand how this thing works too.

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