[arch-general] VPS can't access after update filesystem?

Bill Sun cap.sensitive at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 11:34:01 EDT 2012


I rent a VPS from a not-so-famous provider, and they use XEN. After I
updated my system on Jun 10 (I update my system every Sundays), My VPS
seems dead. I can't ssh to it, I can't ping to it, I can't do anything
to it. I don't get any error message from the SolusVM control panel---it
says: 'online'

The service of my provider is not that good, so I really don't get any
useful info from them. I re-installed the OS (they provide
Archlinux-2011.7-x86-64), and the VPS is accessible again. But after I
update that new system, The VPS stopped working, same as above.

All I know is that update includes 'filesystem' package. So I suspect
the updated 'filesystem' package is the culprit. Maybe the 'init'
process encountered some errors.

No error log (probably won't get anything anyway), so...

Again, VPS provider info:
Supervisor (is that right?): XEN
Control panel: SolusVM
System: Archlinux-2011.7-x86-64


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