[arch-general] VPS can't access after update filesystem?

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 12 15:21:55 EDT 2012

On Tue, 12 Jun 2012 21:22:43 +0300
Δημήτρης Ζέρβας wrote:

> so? why don't you access it my serial?
> PS: serial console? WTF? 50 years ago???

And still demanded by many on servers.

With suns you can access bios over serial. You need networked KVM for
that on PCs.

You can set screen output from bootup onwards to serial rather than VGA.

Granted the serial mode doesn't help untill he's up and running
again but he could take the opportunity to switch provider if

arpnetworks.com solution is pretty cool. I'd use it if I had more faith
in VPS security over bare metal.

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