[arch-general] Shutdown and reboot not working after last weekend update

Victor Silva vfbsilva at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 16:22:43 EDT 2012

I got a ubuntu livecd with gparted lets see what happens. About using
thesystem as root. I only run pacman related commands as root have  a user
I use for mostly day tasks. This user is *NOT* on sudo, basically cause I
like to enforce my self to login as root and think about what I'm doing.
Also sudo is cumbersome to use in some instances as buil-in commands are
not avaliable.

So the only thing I've run as root was the pacman -Syu and followed the
arch announces regarding the updates. Nothing bad there I'mho. And the
problem I'm facing now has nothing to do with my system usage. Imho either
I have a bad sector or something went broken for some instances of the
system like mine or the other guy who also reported on the forums.


2012/6/12 Attila Vangel <vangel.attila at gmail.com>

> Hi, I am not familiar with the problem, but I think the easiest way
> (if you are not against graphical tools) is to grab a live cd (or
> "live usb dongle") containing gparted (it's not a bad thing to have,
> anyway), but I am not an expert at this.
> What really surprises me is that you use your system as root !?! I
> would not dare to do that. I tend to add my user to various groops
> according to the arch wiki documentation where neeeded, and for the
> other commands I think I can safely run as root I alias them to be
> 'sudo <command>', and I maintain this list of safe commands in
> /etc/sudoers (edited by visudo (you can change the editor of it, just
> google it)), so that these commands can be executed without entering
> the password all the time... Maybe not the best thing still, but I
> guess it's OK with me.
> Regards,
> Attila
> 2012/6/12 Victor Silva <vfbsilva at gmail.com>:
> <snip>
> > Folks after the last upgrade I can no longer shutdown nor reboot my
> machine
> > (I'm using it as root). The command simply hangs and nothing happens.
> <snip>
> > I was asked to perform a fsck which failed.It reported /dev/sda5 was
> > mounted. Is there any proper way I should use to call fsck? I did create
> a
> > /fsck file on / is there other more appropriate command to do it?
> Problably
> > you asked for my fstab expecting an error like this right? Would it be
> > better to run fsck from a livecd?
> >
> > regards,
> >
> > Victor

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