[arch-general] Muting internal speakers

Łukasz Redynk lukas.redynk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 09:19:41 EDT 2012


You have rather new laptop, right? So most probable is that you have 
soundcard based on HDA chipset, you could check this with this command 
(type it in your favourite terminal emulator, like xterm or gnome-terminal):
$ lsmod | grep hda

If you see something like "snd_hda_codec" it means that you have it :)
Now from Kernel documentation:
"Another related problem is the automatic mute of speaker output by
headphone plugging.  This feature is implemented in most cases, but
not on every preset model or codec-support code.

In anyway, try a different model option if you have such a problem.
Some other models may match better and give you more matching
functionality.  If none of the available models works, send a bug
report.  See the bug report section for details."

It basically means that driver for your card is buggy, or is wrongly 
advertised by BIOS to kernel and bad driver is assign to handle the 
card. In that situation you could try to manually assign it. At [1] 
you've got comprehensible thread what to do with it. I hope that help :)

[1] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1043568
Łukasz Redynk

W dniu 14.06.2012 22:52, Nelson Marambio pisze:
> Since the change from Win 7 to Arch there is just one function I really
> miss up to now. Perhaps someone of you can help me out.
> Is it possible that Arch deactivates the internal speakers of my laptop
> when I plug in my USB-headset and turn input / output to this ?
> In Windows I could define the USB headset as default for in-/output so
> Win made a fallback to internal speakers only when I plugged out the
> headset again.
> It would be really great if Arch was that comfortable too. I know in
> GNOME there are just two clicks to do for switching to another audio
> hardware but ... :D
> Warm regards,
> Nelson.

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