[arch-general] Totem segfaulting on start on a fully up-to-date archlinux with testing enabled.

fredbezies fredbezies at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 03:57:11 EDT 2012


Got this error when I try to start totem today :

[fred at fredo-arch ~]$ totem &
[1] 7902
[fred at fredo-arch ~]$
(totem:7902): Grilo-WARNING **: [plugin-registry]
grl-plugin-registry.c:623: Failed to open module:

[1]+  Segmentation fault      totem

I verified, and of course, I have "/usr/lib/grilo-0.1/libgrlupnp.so"
installed. Any idea or tip ? Thanks !

Frederic Bezies
fredbezies at gmail.com

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