[arch-general] Time for new release?

Geoffroy PLANQUART geoffroy at planquart.fr
Sun Jun 17 16:00:27 EDT 2012

> However: Distributing a pacman keychain master key to more than one machine is
> rarely a sensible solution. If you actually want the very specific additional
> security checks offered by only allowing signed packages, you must ensure a
> properly secured master key with a diligently confirmed web of trust. If the
> private master key, which is being generated with --init, leaks, it is trivial
> for a hypothetical attacker to directly sign manipulated packages with this
> key, which basically invalidates the security benefit signed packages are
> supposed to offer.

Good point, I though about this one too, but what about automatic `pacman-key --init' at install time? This would solve the problem no?

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