[arch-general] Complete mess after having attempted to install Nvidia drivers

m a mantonavia at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 03:58:56 EDT 2012


I was trying to remove the proprietary drivers for my nvidia, to install
the open source ones.
I read in the wiki that I also had to remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but
only found an /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d, so I removed that one.
I don't know if this is the reason why I can no longer use either the
keyboard or the mouse when reaching the login screen.
Let me add that I forgot to also remove the intel video drivers that I used
before, don't know if this could have anything to do with what I'm facing
now though.

The question is, what did I do wrong and how can I fix this?
I tried adding either 3 or 1 to the grub kernel line, but I still can't
reach the command line.

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