[arch-general] Complete mess after having attempted to install Nvidia drivers‏

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 06:13:38 EDT 2012

pe, 2012-06-22 kello 06:05 -0400, m a kirjoitti:
> > You could try to reinstall xorg-server:
> > # pacman -S xorg-server
> How am I going to do this?
> In normal boot, I can't use my keyboard and, when booting from a
> LiveCD, I can't install anything on the system.
No you don't boot into LiveCD like someone said before thingking at all,
this is Arch after all, we all have working text console and are not
dependan't on X to be able to work. Just boot into text mode by adding 3
at the end of the kernel boot line, if you used the inittab method, but
if you have used the DAEMONS=(.... gdm/kdm/xdm/... ....) method you 1st
need to boot into single user mode by adding 's' instead of 3. Then in
the single user mode remount the / filesystem rw and edit rc.conf to not
start the loginmanager. Then you change into init mode 3 and there just
login like regularry and install xorg-server package 'pacman -S
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