[arch-general] xdg-open fails to open a url in a "generic" environment

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Sun Jun 24 10:17:58 EDT 2012

On 16 June 2012 13:37, Mateusz Loskot <mateusz at loskot.net> wrote:
> There has been a bug reported to freedesktop.org about problems in xdg-open:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45859
> I can reproduce this bug on my Arch installation (updated daily).

FYI, the problem has been identified and David Costa posted simple fix:


The eval parameter on line 659 is not quoted.

The original line is:
eval '$browser $1'$xdg_redirect_output;

while it should be:
eval '$browser "$1"'$xdg_redirect_output;

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Mateusz Loskot, http://mateusz.loskot.net

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