[arch-general] INSANELY OT: and nothing to do with the Campaign against Secure Boot

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Jun 26 11:05:50 EDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 15:02 -0700, Don deJuan wrote:
> The border is the rules of the board you're posting to. If you don't 
> like them, start your own board. But again this is an Arch board and 
> your points and rambles do nothing to solve, help or further educate 
> people about Secure Boot, let alone Arch Linux. That is all my point is, 
> fight any fight you want, but seriously your points do not help and have 
> nothing to do with the points here. If you want to fight and be vocal 
> about choices and freedoms and what ever other issues you personally 
> face due to choices YOU made in your life then do it, but do not spread 
> the noise to a board that has nothing to do with what you state.
> You can be loud anywhere but if you are just loud to be loud, you're no 
> better than the boy who cried wolf. You will loose those who listen to 
> your words very quickly, if it just loud to be loud.
> There are boards and forums for sharing the thoughts you have, why not 
> put them into an area where others might actually care to hear them. 
> Your rambles have nothing to with the topic, different views or not. 
> Your on a anti MS & Apple rant, stop the "evil empires" kick. I do not 
> run from new or differing ideas, but you are neither sharing something 
> new, insightful nor even relating to what these boards are about and 
> what this thread was started for.
> Why would I ban/put you in spam, for not agreeing, that would go against 
> me learning new things from others ideals and processes. Maybe we should 
> throw in Zuckerberg into this as well, since he is the newest in the 
> "evil empire". Personally I have never been offended or anything by 
> anything you have ever said, this is not doing that, it is just 
> pointless fodder to ones beliefs of who/what/when/where is "evil".
> My 2c
> Enjoy the rest of your night Ralf

I'm ashamed. Sorry again. It's pure nonsense I've written, even today in
the morning I wasn't able to stop myself.
I'll apologize to the list and Mr. Godwin.
Fortunately the discussion didn't stop, others from the list still add
some useful comments and information :).


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