[arch-general] k3b/cdrecord problem burning dual layer disc

gt static.vortex at gmx.com
Tue Jun 26 13:00:08 EDT 2012

Hey folks

A few days ago i was trying to burn an iso to a dual layer dvd, but i
got an i/o error. Thankfully though the burn failed, but it spared the
disc :)

I tried downgrading cdrtools but that didn't fix it either. I found out
that the iso was about 4200 MB in size and apparently trying to burn it
to a dual layer dvd gave me the error.

I tried burning a larger iso, about 6500 MB to the same disc and it went
fine. Also burning the smaller iso to a single layer dvd went fine too.
So there was no problem with the iso.

So, i think there's a bug in cdrecord or maybe k3b? Trying to burn a
single layer dvd sized iso to a double layer dvd fails.

Can others confirm the same?

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