[arch-general] Nvidia/vesafb/GRUB2

Thomas Jost schnouki at schnouki.net
Wed Jun 27 13:55:59 EDT 2012

Le 27 juin 2012 à 17:07 CEST, Arno Gaboury a écrit :
> So to sum up this thread, I am left with 3 options with a Nvidia card:
> -uninstall Nvidia driver and install Nouveau
> -run Nvidia in VGA mode with a low resolution console mode at boot 
> (couldn't find any trick to het an higher resolution, and I tried 
> alomost all I found)
> -stick with the VESA mode and  this error message .
> Am I correct?

On my laptop, before switching to nouveau, I used uvesafb together with
the nvidia driver without any issue (1680x1050 console, yay!). You may
want to give it a try.

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