[arch-general] resume do not work after self suspend in gnome 3.6

Mathieu R. mathieu at 400iso.net
Fri Nov 2 10:23:38 EDT 2012

Since the update to gnome 3.6, when my laptop goes to suspend 2 ram by
have been ideling for 5 minutes, the resume does not work : i got a
black screen with mouse cursor, and no way to log in GDM. I have to go
to another TTY, restart gdm, and log in.

resume still work well when the laptop suspend by closing the lid.

here is a log during a 'bad' resume : http://pastebin.fr/25770

does anybody have an idea what's going wrong ? is the same command
invoked when going to suspend by closing the lid and by idling ?
Mathieu R.

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