[arch-general] Forking daemons and systemd

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Mon Nov 5 17:07:51 EST 2012

According to Tom Gundersen:
# I think in this case it makes sense to use Type=forking (especially as
# there is a PIDFile, so this will likely work well). I can imagine
# wanting to start something only after espeakup is up, even if that is
# not the case at the moment.

Oh, so forking wasn't the issue with my file, only the location of the 
pidfile. I see I somehow forgot about the change from /var/run to /run. 
I guess I didn't catch it when I copied its location from the 
initscript. I'll run a test, as I now have the new file, but I see no 
reason why it wouldn't be usable or work as expected. Sorry I wasn't 
able to test sooner, as I had other things going on over the past week.
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