[arch-general] Setting prefered voice for espeakup

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Wed Nov 7 21:39:14 EST 2012

According to Tom Gundersen:
#> So in the example given by the OP, the ExecStart line should look like
#> >
#> >ExecStart=/usr/bin/espeakup --default-voice=en-us
#> >
#> >and then the edited file should be saved to 
# Correct.

In that case, it looks like it's safe to remove /etc/conf.d/espeakup 
from the package, since it is ignored by the systemd service, and 
appears to have been shipped with the Arch package for compatibility 
with conf.d and the rc.d initscripts rather than being an upstream 
configuration file.

I'm currently working with Chris on testing new Talking Arch releases, 
and will be helping to update the wiki documentation for Talking Arch 
installation as well, so I'll document the service file override when 
command line options are needed.

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