[arch-general] immediate sleep after resume

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Thu Nov 15 11:18:03 EST 2012

   Forgot to mention in original post - it seems well understood that 
the window managers may or may not play nicely with systemd - as to who 
will do power management.

   If a user is not logged in - it is still nice to have systemd sleep 
system on lid close for example - and for this reason the window 
managers are given the ability to "inhibit" systemd when they are 
claiming to do the power management. And when they are not, then systemd 
does not get the "inhibit". [1]

   Several window managers, KDE among them are supposed to "play nice" 
with systemd in this regard.

  So, one suggestion some have is not to use KDE at all for this - and 
rely solely on systemd - it is of course less configurable. I have not 
yet tried this approach. This can be done via the same login.conf.

  It's not a huge deal, as I just press power button to wake it up 
again, but curious what others have found.


  [1] I'd rather have a positive than a triple negative
   might be easier to read as

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