[arch-general] Virtualbox hosting qemu-kvm guests

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Wed Nov 21 05:15:33 EST 2012

On 21/11/12 10:01, Lukas Jirkovsky wrote:
> On 20 November 2012 19:34, Steve P. <public at milehightexas.net> wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is my first posting so bear with me.
>> I am trying to get qemu-kvm to work inside Virtualbox, but when I try to
>> #modprobe the kvm-intel or kvm_intel module, it errors stating that
>> operation is not permitted.
>> Is qemu known to run inside virtualbox? The host hardware is an i7 that
>> supports hardware virtualization fine.
>> I have qemu running natively on the same box so it is confusing, but want
>> to use VB also.
>> Thanks in advance.
> That can't work, because you don't have access to the HW
> virtualization from the guest.
> That's because CPU virtualization is basically nothing more than an
> additional CPU ring (ring-1) where the guest runs. To allow guests in
> guests in guests... there would have to be recursion in the HW itself
> (which I dare to say is impossible, there will always be a limit).
> Lukas
It can work. KVM supports nested support for their virtual machines
which make it possible to run VirtualBox inside a KVM Guest. You will
need VMX for it to work ( or the AMD counterpart ) and i don't think
virtualbox supports this feature.


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