[arch-general] qemu vs. qemu-kvm

Krzysztof Warzecha kwarzecha7 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 07:06:59 EST 2012

I'm using qemu-kvm 1.2 and it works (for me) much better than qemu.
Under standard qemu I was unable to install windows xp guest
(bluescreen during installation), and on other guests disk and network
with virtio was unbelievable slow. I'm testing it right now with linux
mint livecd; under qemu-kvm it booted in less than 3 minutes to login
screen, under qemu (with -enable-kvm) it took more than 6 minutes.
With `lsof /dev/kvm` I can see that both qemu-kvm and qemu were using

I have no experience with qemu 1.3.

Krzysztof Warzecha

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