[arch-general] Is it proper that I add some material about raspberry pi on Arch over the Archwiki?

Victor Silva vfbsilva at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 01:17:50 EDT 2012

Guys some time ago I got a Pi. I know there is much to be done with it, so
far I`ve installed arch on it, running a seed box at the moment. The idea
would use the power of archwiki to have people sharing information and
having cool ideas for raspberry pi. I`ve seen guys doing great stuff like a
solar powered py running SETI at Home, mods to run pinball machines and so on.
But all this information is still scattered on the Internet making it a bit
harder to people just starting up.

For instance:

Just as example are quite scattered regarding format. So maybe we could use
the community to build a great wiki. The http://archlinuxarm.org/ seems to
have no wiki. (Do they use https://wiki.archlinux.org/ ?)  Could one please
give me some pointers of how could I start it?

I tried to get some info on archlinuxarm.org website but so far no answer.

Hope this can work.


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