[arch-general] GDM and/or PulseAudio mute my sound

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Thu Sep 6 09:29:23 EDT 2012

Finally able to return my attention to this problem.

alsa-store.service and alsa-restore.service are oneshot services with no 
[Install] section. Therefore, they cannot be enabled and disabled using 
systemctl. They do, however, appear to run as needed, probably as a 
dependency when udev loads the modules for the sound device. I find that 
the volumes are always saved at shutdown and restored at boot time, but 
something in gdm or gnome-settings-daemon, or possibly even Pulse itself 
is muting the volume, although it seems unlikely that Pulse is doing it, 
because if I restore the master volume after gdm starts, either using 
alsamixer or by explicitly running alsa-restore.service, logging into 
GNOME once again mutes the master volume and sets it to 0. Apparently, 
Google is not my friend this time, as I can find no information about 
this problem, and I appear to be the only one experiencing it, and only 
on this machine. Additionally, I resized the existing partition on this 
machine's hard disk and installed Arch into the free space, just in case 
something was behaving strangely because Arch was installed to a thumb 
drive, but the problem persists. Any help with this unusual problem is 
greatly appreciated.

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