[arch-general] uswsusp, s2both

Mathieu R. mathieu at 400iso.net
Fri Sep 7 14:42:00 EDT 2012

Hello all,

i just did install uswsusp from AUR (uswsusp-git), in order to use
s2both to provide suspend_hybrid on my laptop. (cause s2both process
seem much more useful to me than the default PM_HIBERNATE_DELAY way of
doing suspend_hybrid).

Technically, everything is working fine with s2both : s2ram and s2disk
working well, resume from {RAM,disk} doing ther job. But after resume,
(ram or disk), i got very poor performances during maybe 30 second or
a minute, with load average getting up to 12 or 15 maybe. resume from
ram using s2both is going way slower than regular resume from ram

those two issues are really annoying, quite nullifying the benefits
from s2both over kernel suspend...

My question is : is there any configure options somewhere i can have
missing, or some way to drastically improve those issues ?

thank you all in advance,

Mathieu R.

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