[arch-general] amd64 systems and archlinux

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Mon Sep 10 06:57:00 EDT 2012

According to Thomas Bächler:
> Let me also express part of my personal opinion, which others might
> disagree with: If you wanted high quality software, why did you install
> GRUB? If you want a decent bootloader, use syslinux.

Actually, at least from where I'm sitting, this "personal opinion" has a 
good bit of technical merrit. I can confirm that my life with boot 
loaders has become much easier since switching to syslinux, and you are 
the second regular contributor who has stated this. I was forced to 
chainload Windows XP after resizing a partition on this old machine I am 
still using, hopefully until the end of the day. This was already 
configured into syslinux by default, and worked flawlessly without 
modification. Additionally, the Arch defaults were sane enough to be 
able to run with very little modification, only needing the label for my 
root partition in the append line for the kernel. A big +1 from me for 

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