[arch-general] Munin and MySQL

Martín Cigorraga msx at archlinux.us
Sun Sep 16 20:40:51 EDT 2012

Hi all, anyone proficient at Munin?
The talk of one of our guest speakers at the local SFD that took place
yesterday was about monitoring everything with Munin, a software I didn't
knew but which I liked at first sight.
Once at home the very first thing I did after take the laptop out of my
backpack was install Munin, of course, and alongside this I found some
warning and error messages that aren't very informative so before go and
dive on the net trying to gather information about them I decided to first
try luck in the list.
Whenever I run:
# munin-node-configure --shell | sh
I got this:
# The following plugins caused errors:
# mysql_:
#       Non-zero exit during autoconf (2)
# ntp_states:
#       Non-zero exit during autoconf (2)
# proc:
#       In family 'auto' but doesn't have 'autoconf' capability

Now the munin-node-configure --suggest command shows:
 | no   | no
for all the three plugins. Following the wiki suggestion:
#  munin-run {plugin}
I got a:
# Unknown service '{plugin}'
for all them three.

I would appreciate any light here since seems there isn't any Munin error
log file to check and also Munin does not log to standard
/var/log/errors.log file.

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