[arch-general] sleep + lid events + kde => new problem

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Mon Sep 17 10:11:06 EDT 2012

  Using fully updated testing repo - starting 'recently' - I notice that 
lid close no longer sleeps my laptop.

  Kde power is configured to sleep on lid close. If i click the menu and 
choose sleep manually - it sleeps fine - and subsequently wakes fine on 

  I can confirm with this little shell loop (left running and then close 
lid and reopen) that acpi shows lid is indeed closed:

while [[ 1 == 1 ]]
 > do
 > cat /proc/acpi/button/lid/*/state
 > sleep 1
 > done
state:      open
state:      open
state:      open
state:      open
state:      closed
state:      closed
state:      closed
state:      closed
state:      open
state:      open

  So, it -seems- as if lid-event is not being passed along for some 
reason to the (kde) power management - or not being listened to.

  I have not yet switched to systemd - and I'm not sure which process is 
responsible for such events.

  It still happens with 3.5.4 kernel if that makes any difference.

  It is a W520 lenovo laptop.

  Anyone else notice similar - or can offer suggestions?



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