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Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Fri Sep 21 00:46:01 EDT 2012

What's a good size number for a /boot partition?  Needs to be large 
enough kernel updates don't break the computer if possible or a 
reasonable estimate to that end.

On Fri, 21 Sep 2012, Guus Snijders wrote:

> Op 20 sep. 2012 10:03 schreef "Jude DaShiell" <jdashiel at shellworld.net> het
> volgende:
> [...]
> >  Also, I did learn syslinux does not
> > support xfs the root of the disk could not be found whenever I used xfs.
> >  Grub-legacy I think is gone and grub-bios didn't work and neither did
> > lilo.  I can try more things later but not without some suggestions and
> > sighted assistance to tell me what the next failing boot screen
> > produces.
> Well, for the bootloader part: how about a "small" partition for /boot,
> with an ext2/3 filesystem?
> Works every time ;-)
> As for the labels/uuids: i still prefer the readability of devices
> (/dev/sda1), so can't really help there.
> mvg, Guus

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