[arch-general] testing/systemd 191-1 failed to boot

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Sat Sep 22 04:42:21 EDT 2012

Am Sat, 22 Sep 2012 18:18:49 +1000
schrieb Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>:

> Medical condition?

I'm very fine. Thanks.

Do I really need to say PulseAudio and Lennart Poettering? And do I
really need to say "made my own experiences" (with PA and systemd,

> Because we have never had unbootable systems due to upgrades in
> [testing] before...

And now you have them. Did you have even one totally unbootable system
with sysvinit and initscripts? I doubt that.

> You say "sysvinit" but that relied on many
> compiled binaries (e.g. bash)

And how many segfaults were brought to you by bash over all those
years? And all the other binaries? Right, if one of them would really
segfault (I've never seen this) the system would still be bootable,
because then only this one binary segfaults, but not the whole

And if it's just one daemon, it can easily be deactivated like faulty
parts of an initscript. But yes, it's so hard to debug those scripts.
Now with systemd you can allegedly easily debug the systemd but you
can't boot the system anymore to be able to debug systemd. *rofl*


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