[arch-general] ABS and pacman

Zeke Sulastin zekesulastin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 15:48:05 EDT 2012

> Many times these tweaks are temporary and, indeed, newer versions make
> them unnecessary. It can definitely be done as you suggest, but I think
> it'd be in the spirit of the help provided by, e.g., .pacsave and .pacnew files, to have pacman issue a warning.
> --

Pacman doesn't really have a way of looking at an installed package
and knowing that it's been modified from the default repo package (as
far as I know ...).  Absent a new patch to add such functionality,
Karol's suggestion of IgnorePkg is the best idea and also provides the
warning you seek when performing a full update, in the form of

warning: package_foo: ignoring package upgrade (1.0.0-1 => 1.1.0-1)

This warning lets you know that something you're ignoring has been
updated, and you should take steps based on the reason you ignored it;
IgnorePkg does not interfere with a 'pacman -U' operation, and if
specifically told to install an ignored package from repos via 'pacman
-S package_foo' will ask for confirmation.


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