[arch-general] Installing Arch Linux on pure ZFS root

Stanislav Seletskiy s.seletskiy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 06:26:48 EDT 2013

Hello, Archers!

In the light of "production ready" ZoL I've tried to install Arch on pure
ZFS root (without additional boot partition) and stuck in problem with

Current version of GRUB2 is not detecting ZoL in any way ("grub-probe /"
does not return zfs, but errors).

In the official repo on the github I've numerous see references to patched
GRUB of version 1.99 (https://launchpad.net/~zfs-native/+archive/grub), but
it is ubuntu only.

Does anybody install Arch on ZFS root/boot without additional partitioning?
Is it even possible?


Stanislav Seletskiy

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