[arch-general] nut UPS driver (upsdrvctl) fails to start for usbhid devices due to node perms - howto fix?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 17 02:35:50 EST 2013

[2013-12-16 21:33:33 -0600] David C. Rankin:
> So if you think this should be in a new thread and not here -- talk to Gaetan.

I'm quite confident no-one is going to care: it's now the third message
you've send to this list about network-ups-tools. The first two haven't
attracted much attention, so it's likely few people here care about that
piece of software - nor should they, since it's unsupported.

Obviously, we're happy to help with the occasional issue, but you have
the annoying habit of sending every single one of your support requests
to this list. So when you *really* have to post, please concentrate the
noise in just one thread.

>   Is this a glibc issue or a nut issue?

How about asking a network-ups-tools support list? Or its developers?
This mailing list is for Arch-related discussions. This isn't one.


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