[arch-general] System doesn't load LVM volumes when booting in single user mode

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Feb 12 10:05:34 EST 2013

Am 12.02.2013 15:38, schrieb David Rosenstrauch:
> I just upgraded to the latest version (2.02.98-3) of lvm2.  But I'm
> still having the same issue:  when I boot into single user mode, my lvm
> volumes aren't seen and so any mounts time out.
> Any idea what the problem might be or a fix/workaround?

The problem in the new setup is that lvmetad.socket and dmeventd.socket
are required by sockets.target, which is pulled in by basic.target, but
not by sysinit.target. As rescue.target (which is activated by the
'single' option) only depends on sysinit.target, LVM will not be activated.

A solution would be to to add lvmetad.socket and dmeventd.socket to
sysinit.target.wants instead of sockets.target.wants. In fact, this is
probably the correct thing to do to make rescue.target work.

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