[arch-general] Samsung MFP (SCX-4500W) print OK - scanning fails.

Mike Cloaked mike.cloaked at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:17:11 EST 2013

I am stuck on the configuration of the scanner functionality for a Samsung
SCX-4500W multifunction printer/scanner.

I can get the printing function of this printer to work by the following

1) Add a line to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-usbprinter.rules containing:
ATTR{idVendor}=="04e8", ATTR{idProduct}=="342b", MODE:="0660", GROUP:="lp"

2) Making sure that I have the splix driver package installed I can define
a usb connected printer with the splix driver which works very well indeed.
I have cups and avahi installed and enable cups.socket and avahi-daemon.

When I try to get the scanner working I can get a sensible output from:

# sane-find-scanner

  # sane-find-scanner will now attempt to detect your scanner. If the
  # result is different from what you expected, first make sure your
  # scanner is powered up and properly connected to your computer.

  # No SCSI scanners found. If you expected something different, make sure
  # you have loaded a kernel SCSI driver for your SCSI adapter.
  # Also you need support for SCSI Generic (sg) in your operating system.
  # If using Linux, try "modprobe sg".

found USB scanner (vendor=0x04e8 [Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.],
product=0x342b [SCX-4500W Series]) at libusb:003:006
  # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be
supported by
  # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.

  # Not checking for parallel port scanners.

  # Most Scanners connected to the parallel port or other proprietary ports
  # can't be detected by this program.

So the scanner seems to be detected - but when I do:

# scanimage -L

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the
sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation
which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).

If I try to create a scan via GIMP it hangs the GIMP and I have to kill it.

I tried to add a line to 75-sane.rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/ with:
ATTRS{idVendor}=="04e8", ATTRS{idProduct}=="342b", MODE="0660",
GROUP="scanner",  ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"

But this did not work.

Can anyone suggest how to get the scanner part working?

Thanks for any help.
mike c

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