[arch-general] short hangs

János Illés ijanos at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 14:09:17 EDT 2013


my system has some annoying visual glitches and I have no idea how to
determine which software is causing it.

Here's the symptoms:
Everything freeze. It takes 5-15 seconds and everything goes back to normal.
But, the freeze is only visual, sound/music playback works continously, I
can ssh to the machine, even the mouse moves and changes (!) accordingly if
I hover something. Only the displayed content freezes, sometimes in the
middle of an animation.

There is nothing in the journal, nothing in dmesg, no spikes in the CPU
usage, no IO spikes.
And it happens rarely, only 5-10 times a day.

My guess would be a gnome-shell or an open source radeon driver bug, but
how can I be sure or test it? Bisecting package versions is nearly
impossible, there are too many of them and I cannot reproduce the freeze,
it just happens.

I hoped it would go away but it is happening for more than a month now, and
according to my searches no other arch user experience similar issue.

I'm open to ideas.
My full hardware spec is here:


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