[arch-general] Apache 2.4 revisited

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sat Jul 6 18:35:12 EDT 2013


I've wondered why no one upgraded Apache to 2.4 after being available
for so long. Then I stumbled upon an answer on this list where it has
been said that 2.4 breaks too many packages [1].

I've taken some time to verify what does it break, and fixed all
packages from [extra] and [community] which had direct dependency on the
"apache" package (mod_whatever ones).

The mod_fcgid, mod_wsgi2 and mod_wsgi just need simple rebuilds against
newer versions.

PHP case was somehow strange. I had to modify some configure switches.
Without --disable-cgi I'd get undefined references at build time and
without --with-apsx=/usr/bin/apsx I'd get undefined references at run time.

For other ones, I've found patches online and assembled them for direct
applying in Archlinux svn (I used svn add and svn diff)

In case someone is interested, patches can be found at [2]. It's free
hosting, so it might "suck" sometimes.

I've tested the packages against apache24 package from AUR. By tested, I
mean compiled, loaded into httpd and checked that httpd doesn't fail to

As a side note, apache24 uses event_mpm by default, but you might need
to change to prefork one to use PHP module. Also, with apache 2.4 you
can use php-fpm via mod_proxy as described at [3]

As for the perl module, I had to use svn checkout of the httpd24 branch.
Patch was getting way to big to ship in package.


[2] http://blackprince.net63.net/apache24/
[3] https://wiki.apache.org/httpd/PHP-FPM

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