[arch-general] Arch Linux on servers?

Paladin paladin at jstation.cz
Tue Jul 9 07:18:29 EDT 2013

On 2013-07-09 11:13, M Saunders wrote:
> I'm writing a feature about Arch for Linux Format, a UK-based
> newsstand Linux magazine. I've been using Arch myself for a while for
> testing new app releases, and it's brilliant for that purpose.
> I'm still left wondering though: who uses it on production servers? I
> mean, the distro's overall simplicity and trimmed-down base
> installation are plus points here, but surely a rolling release poses
> problems. After installation you just want security and critical bug
> fix updates for software, and not major version bumps, right?

I was considering using Archlinux on my VPS, but I run into
problems with OpenVZ compatibility :/ It seems that archlinux
is not currently fully supported in OpenVZ which was a dead stop
for me.

I could image to run Arch on testing/staging server, but for production
I would grab Scientific Linux. It's assembled in CERN, so stability and
consistency come with it. Plus it's based on RHEL, so there is lot of
packages available for it (to be fair, I think archlinux + aur may
have more). It's not so cutting edge as arch (php 5.3 instead 5.4, ...)
but for production I prefer stability which Arch can give, but it
definitely costs more (in term of time) then in SL6.


Disclaimer: Arch on both laptops though.

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